Las Vegas Republicans Remove Marriage, Life from Party Platform

Well, it IS Las Vegas. Still…

LAS VEGAS – The Republican Party of one county in Nevada recently voted to remove its definition of marriage from its party platform, as well as its position on abortion.

Members of the Clark County Republican Party largely agreed to the changes on Saturday, editing out language in the party platform that outlined their belief in marriage being only between a man and a woman. A statement affirming the party’s opposition to abortion and its commitment to life was also removed from the document.

The article goes on to quote the regional director blathering on about ‘freedom’, ‘big tent’ etc. The usual GOP Establishment liberal BS.

While the Clark County Republican Party is reportedly the first in the nation to eradicate marriage and life from its platform, some have been urging Christians for some time not to look to the Republican Party, or any specific party, as the savior.

“When will Christians ever learn they are getting played by the GOP?” Pastor Matt Trewhella of Mercy Seat Christian Church told Christian News Network. “It is like Lucy pulling the football out from in front of Charlie Brown so that he falls on his back again and again.”

“We need people to be Biblical and constitutional,” former presidential candidate Michael Anthony Peroutka declared. “Republican is not the standard.”

Indeed. For the life of me, I don’t know why American Christians generally stick with them, when all they ever do is use them.


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