I had wondered how Brendan Eich’s donation had been found out…

*Update: Apparently, the list of donors was always a matter of public record.

Of course, if you donate anonymously, no-one will ever know you did. My point still stands.


… the donation for which he ended up paying a heavy price, thanks to progs and their litmus test of unequivocal support for ‘gay rights’ or else.

Apparently somebody in the IRS directly leaked that information to a gay rights activist group.

Your charitable donor information, if filed with the IRS, is not secure.

Best not share that with them, and forego any possible tax credits, if you’re donating to a cause which could get you fired by vengeful progs, as happened with Brendan Eich. Because, after all, which is worse, losing some thousands perhaps in a possible tax refund, or losing your job as CEO? Something to consider.

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