North Carolina passes bill to prohibit discrimination against religious and political groups

The only problem with this, is that you know some Satanists will use it to set up shop on university and college campuses there…

I’m sympathetic, but my fear is how this is written. It should grandfather real religion, i.e. Christianity, but not protect false ones like Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Wiccanism, or Satanism, etc.


From Campus Reform.


The North Carolina House passed a measure last week to prohibit university administrators from denying facilities, funding, or recognition to political or religious groups on the basis that they are exclusionary.

The bill came in response to Christian groups that have been stripped of their student organization status because they did not allow students with other beliefs to become leaders in their organization.

The bill, which has now been passed by both chambers of the North Carolina legislature, awaits Governor Pat McCrory’s (R) signature.

“Our society is engaged in an ongoing cultural battle,” said Rep. Bert Jones (R), the bill’s primary sponsor. “There is a war on God…Unfortunately these efforts have been extended to our campuses.”

[…]“We need to make clear that just because a student decides to attend our public schools and universities … that does not somehow mean that the student forfeits his…

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4 thoughts on “North Carolina passes bill to prohibit discrimination against religious and political groups

  1. The purpose of this bill is to benefit Muslim sects: to enable them to build mosques wherever they like; to allow their muezzins to sing their calls to prayer 5 times a day; and to facilitate the practice of sharia law in their mosques; to complain about discrimination from Christian churches whenever it suits them. Any benefit to Christian churches is unintentioned and accidental, and there will probably be a paragraph to block such unfortunate outcomes.

    • Hmmm. I wish I could say I thought you were wrong, but knowing how the elites are these days, no doubt they at least wanted to stop people from keeping mosques out of their neighboorhoods…

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