Are you hungry for Burger King now?




A ‘Gay’ Hamburger? Burger King Selling ‘The Proud Whopper’ to Celebrate Sin

SAN FRANCISCO Burger King has come out of the closet in full support of the homosexual lifestyle, and is now even naming a hamburger to prove just how ‘proud’ it is of the sin.

The fast food chain is launching what it is calling “The Proud Whopper,” which is enclosed in a rainbow-colored wrapper with the inscription: “We are all the same inside.”

The burger in its colorful packaging will be sold through July 3 at one Burger King restaurant located in San Francisco, a city known for its celebration and promotion of homosexuality and where sexually-transmitted diseases well exceed the national average.

Last weekend, the fast food chain was a proud sponsor of the 44th annual San Francisco Pride Celebration & Parade, which also passed by its downtown restaurant where workers sold “Proud Whoppers” and…

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2 thoughts on “Are you hungry for Burger King now?

  1. Making it fashionable to be homosexual is just one of the ways to enfeeble the West, along from discouraging white women from breeding, encouraging interracial marriage, and swamping the West with unskilled, hostile, swarthy migrants. But when the West does collapse the victors won’t have any spoils, except what they’ve spoiled, to enjoy.

    • The elites are convinced they’ll be immune to whatever radical societal changes they promote, and they’re probably right.

      And no doubt they’re counting on capable Asians to replace them…

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