Report: UK woman had four abortions before age 16 – the age of consent

When others have to subsidize it, indeed it won’t be rare; it’ll be increasingly commonplace…

If someone has to pay out of pocket, it will almost certainly be rarer…

Progs not only want the right to abortions, contraception, etc.; they want everyone, including those who oppose it, to pay. “Fucking is an entitlement” is their creed.


From the UK Daily Mail.


A British schoolgirl had four abortions before her 16th birthday, new figures today revealed.

The unnamed teenager, who underwent her fourth termination in 2012, is among more than 200 under-16s to have had repeat abortions in the past three years.

Shockingly, a further five of these girls had three abortions

It comes amid concern that terminations are being used by teenagers as an alternative form of contraception.

In 2011, a total of 84 under-16s had abortions for a second time or more, according to the Department of Health figures obtained by The Sun.

The total rose to 89 out of 2,925 under-16s to have abortions in 2012, but fell to 68 of 2,538 girls last year.

Last night, Norman Wells, of the Family Education Trust, said too many teenagers were having sex without thinking about the consequences.

‘Too many are being taught…

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3 thoughts on “Report: UK woman had four abortions before age 16 – the age of consent

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  2. The little trollops who demand the right to choose are also ready when it comes to face the music to hind behind the twin shields of childhood and femininity while refusing deference or gratitude to those they expect to protect them and fund their sybaritic self-indulgence.

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