Fired Newton Editor Claims Religious Bias


13 thoughts on “Fired Newton Editor Claims Religious Bias

  1. It seems to me Eschliman was perfectly correct in his use of the term Gaystapo. Homosexuals have kidnapped freedom of the press if they can deprive a journalist of the right to a livelihood because he lampoons or criticises them. When the writer says Bill was “he was heavily entrenched in the right wing, Christian culture warrior mindset” he must mean he doesn’t approve of Eschliman expressing a standard, traditional view that homosexuality is an unnatural perversion and an abomination to be regarded as a sin and a sickness. This view is still maintained openly in most cultures outside the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Europe, and privately by many within these areas. They are held privately because of the shrill impertinence of homosexual communities, represented by watchdogs who have earned the epithet Gaystapo. Indeed, the shrill, strident, shameless Gaystapo is constantly in waiting to pounce on anyone who is less than half as strident as it is itself. The Gaystapo may speak in mincing, affected effeminate accents, but it will not brook any voice of dissidence or condemnation.

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