The Smoking Gun Turns On Marriage

What the last great culture war has to tell us about the new one.

The health of the individual was never the goal. No matter the public and private expenditure, 20 percent of the American population never seemed to get on board with anti-smoking zealotry (while 100 percent enjoyed it while drinking). People were content to leave the nonbelievers to their smoke-filled rooms. The advent of second-hand smoke campaigns, however, raised their consciences. Suddenly the actions of barroom enablers and individual users threatened the poor waitress.

The gay lobby has found that self-esteem is their secondhand smoke. Waitresses are turning ample tips into homophobic hatecrimes. Gay meth addicts murdered by their drug-dealing lovers are victims of homophobia. States that have experienced no wave of homophobic hiring practice despite the lack of anti-discrimination laws for gay people are at risk of mass-discrimination by quote-unquote religious people. And if your church preaches what every church—Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, hell, even Communism—preached for millennia, well then, you’re no different than the inhuman, diabolical douchebags draping “God Hates Fags” banners over military funerals.

The problem isn’t that the traditionalist view exists; the problem is that traditionalists exist. The new goal is to punish, not persuade, the individual, because of his potential threat to the community writ large.


2 thoughts on “The Smoking Gun Turns On Marriage

  1. free thought as a crime soon punishable by lynching or drowning i’m quite sure. join the brain dead or put the noose around your neck. this is not happenstance.

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