Politically Correct Double Standard

Ah yes, those ‘microaggressions’ which somehow manage to get progs worked up on a lot larger than micro scale!

Enjoyment and Contemplation

Reflecting further on how difficult it must be to relax and make offhand jokes if your world is a minefield of ever-changing PC taboos, I’m reminded of one of Jonah Goldberg’s newsletters.  He remarks that an offhand remark someone made about Indians was “utterly harmless” (true) but would risk the opprobrium of the humorless enforcers if made in their company.  He also makes an interesting point about the double standard involved in accusations of “micro-aggression”:

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2 thoughts on “Politically Correct Double Standard

  1. Dorothy came from Kansas but she didn’t look Indian. I remember a Polynesian becoming very huffy when I asked him where he was from. But I still wouldn’t believe him when he insisted he was Australian. He was probably a cannibal.

    How many microaggressions is that?

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