Design Revealed for LGBT Veterans’ Memorial at Congressional Cemetery

No word on whether there will be a similar memorial for ‘cisgendered’, heterosexual veterans at the Congressional Cemetery.

A design for a National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Veterans Memorial at the Congressional Cemetery has been recently unveiled.

The memorial’s design was revealed earlier this month and is slated to be put in an area of the cemetery known as the “gay corner.”

Paul K. Williams, president of the Historic Congressional Cemetery, which operates the cemetery, told The Christian Post about the history of the memorial project and the NLGBTVM project group’s purchasing of land for the effort.

“The project had been in discussion for about a year, but was finalized in May of 2012, with their purchase of six adjoining plots,” said Williams.

“The NLGBTVM organization is raising awareness and funding for the installation of the design. Final approval of the design and placement was granted by the cemetery in July of 2014.”

Williams noted that the “gay corner” of the Congressional Cemetery was “the final resting place of about 12 LGBT individuals, with dozens more having purchased plots there for future needs.”

“While not exclusively an LGBT section, we believe it’s the only LGBT concentration or section of any cemetery in the world. LGBT individuals are interred in other parts of the cemetery as well,” added Williams.


2 thoughts on “Design Revealed for LGBT Veterans’ Memorial at Congressional Cemetery

  1. It’s a good idea to put the homosexuals away from the other corpses. At least that way they won’t desecrate holy ground, apart from that in which they are buried. Though they have no right to special recognition, this sequestration does have a benign effect.

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