Kyrgyzstan’s ‘Sex School’ Breaks Through Taboos

So now Central Asian republics are fighting the culture war…

It starts out like any gymnastics class: A teacher guides a roomful of women through stretching and breathing exercises. The yoga, ballet and tai chi moves train pelvic muscles, the stomach and legs. You only realize you are in a “sex class” when the egg-shaped stones appear. They are used for vaginal weightlifting, a Chinese technique for strengthening muscles and increasing sensitivity in the genital area. The goal is something rarely discussed in Kyrgyzstan: better sex.

“I wanted to create a place where women can develop their femininity,” says 30-year-old Rakhat Kenjebek Kyzy, founder of the Jade Gift School, which is named for the stone eggs. When she opened three years ago, people were skeptical. Now the school has more than 150 students between the ages of 18 and 66.


2 thoughts on “Kyrgyzstan’s ‘Sex School’ Breaks Through Taboos

  1. I think 66 is a little old to start worrying about tight vaginal muscles. But if the Taliban gets into Kyrgyzstan, they’ll probably bury Rakhat Kenjebek Kyzy up to her neck in a pit and lapidate her to death with her own egg-shaped stones.

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