Nudist church in Virginia


11 thoughts on “Nudist church in Virginia

  1. You would expect them to know that Original Sin rendered nakedness shameful so that Adam and Eve covered their naughty private parts. But I suppose these nudist Bible-bashers are also homosexuals who only ‘believe’ the parts of the Bible they like.

    • Yes, one would expect them to realize that. But ‘Christian’ nudists don’t seem to focus on the whole Word, just the part they like. Idiots. And heretics. They don’t seem to be gay, but they sure act just as idiotically as those ‘gay Christians’ who also likewise rationalize away the parts of Scripture that condemn their behaviour…

  2. Some pathetic nudist twit tried to comment on my original post at the other blog.

    But I can’t be arsed to get into any debates with such people.

    It’s as if such people go looking for people talking about their kind, just so they can get into arguments with them.

    Whereas I stay away from their sites…

    • Yes, those people who are so intolerant of dissident views think they have some non-God-given right to inflict their dogmatic pronouncements on conservatives, whom they are reflexively conditioned to dismiss as ‘trolls’. They have a number of labels that they can use in a multitude of situations that disoblige them from thought.

      • Indeed.

        They truly seem entirely incapable of doing what liberals used to say they believed in: “live and let live”, “not agree with what you say but defend to the death your right to say it”, etc.

        They are not liberal at all; not in the classical sense. Voltaire, Mill, et al. would be appalled.

      • They are just petulant children who have usurped the roles of authority figures without the capacity to sustain or build. The Age of Aquarius is the age of destruction.

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