British Columbia law society votes against accrediting evangelical law school


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Global News reports.


The Law Society of British Columbia has voted against accrediting a proposed law school at Trinity Western University.

In a binding decision, 74 per cent of lawyers voted against TWU’s program, with 8,039 ballots cast in total – more than 60 per cent of all lawyers eligible to vote.

The society says the decision means that “the proposed law school at Trinity Western University is not an approved faculty of law for the purpose of the Law Society’s admission program.”

The vote was conducted by mail and required a two-thirds majority, with a turnout more than 33.3 per cent.

CBC has the reaction from Trinity:

The president of Trinity Western University says he is uncertain if the new law school will open as scheduled in 2016 following the recent vote by the B.C. Law Society members to reject the faith-based institution.

TWU president Bob…

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6 thoughts on “British Columbia law society votes against accrediting evangelical law school

  1. Two bad lawyers are mainly ‘secular bigots’. Apparently justice is not blind when it comes back to persecuting Christians. Soon the lawyers will be sentecing the Christians to death by the lion’s maw.

  2. “Critics oppose the new law school’s accreditation because Trinity Western students must first sign a Christian covenant that states that sexual relations are to be confined within the bounds of marriage between a man and a woman.”

    The onus of the argument should be on the progs to explain exactly why this provision is objectionable. The progs are the ones who are always squawking about ‘sexual freedom’—that cuts both ways. Nobody’s forced to go to Trinity and agree to their covenants.

    Let’s turn the argument back on the progs and make it a sexual freedom issue. Who are the progs to dictate under what conditions people will (or won’t) have sex? But that argument would expose prog hypocrisy, so the media will sweep it under the rug.

    • Indeed.

      It is appalling that a law society will prevent its fellow lawyers from practising law not on the basis of any academic deficiencies at the law school in question (and thus corresponding weaknesses on the part of its graduates), but purely because they don’t like a voluntary standard which the school simply requires its students to adhere to. In a sane world, lawyers would be the first to the unfairness of such a stance, and would give full accreditation, regardless of their own opinions about the covenant. But of course we don’t live in that world, any more. And so grads of that school won’t be able to practice in that very province, in which the school is located, and will have to seek employment elsewhere in Canada instead – but not in Ontario or Nova Scotia, either, since they have ruled similarly.

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