Decorated pilot faces discharge for telling lesbians to stop breaking Army rules

Reblogged from Wintery Knight:

From the Washington Times.


The Army is moving to discharge a decorated combat pilot who intervened to stop two lesbian officers from showing what he considered inappropriate affection on the dance floor during a full-dress formal ball at Fort Drum, New York, in 2012.

Lt. Col. Christopher Downey, who was once assigned to the White House and completed tours in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, ended up being convicted administratively of assaulting a soldier trying to videotape the kissing and grabbing.

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It is quite clear now that the American military would rather have lesbians and atheists / humanists than Christians, in its ranks.

Fine. Let those folks die for the Empire, instead.


One thought on “Decorated pilot faces discharge for telling lesbians to stop breaking Army rules

  1. Will:
    Not long ago the Obama gang purged the top military intelligence officer for ‘sexual harassment’. He’d sent somebody a picture of himself without a shirt.

    I forgot his name, but he personally upended two terror plots in the US, went to Afghanistan and once killed three Al-Qaeda scum in hand-to-hand combat. But he was sacrificed on the altar of political correctness like most of our military, it seems.

    I’m afraid that the next military purge we’ll experience is going to be at the hands of the Russian and Chinese forces and then these bastards will get what they deserve.

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