Pedophile chic

No and wrong!


13 thoughts on “Pedophile chic

  1. Will:
    I have some mixed feelings on this issue. On the one hand, given the way the femihags depreciate female beauty and femininity in general there’s something refreshing about seeing little girls aspire to that—

    But on the other hand, she’s not reached puberty yet and that does attract a certain type of male (the kind who reads Manboobz). It’s good at least that her parents are screening her modeling pages. As long as she’s still a normal 9 y/o outside her ‘career’, I’m not sure there’s a problem with it. But still, if I was her dad, I’d carry a shotgun whenever I was with her in public.

      • Will:
        Looking at the pictures, I mostly just see a little girl playing grown-up, although there are few of them where she could easily be mistaken for a 16 y/o at least.

        But I don’t see it as ‘sexual’ just cute.

        But then again, we are talking about the media here, so their motives may be a little different than normal people’s…

  2. Will:
    That’s why I’m kind of ambivalent, too. If the progs find anything creepy, it sets off a red flag that there’s something normal about it.

    That aside, if she were my daughter, I probably wouldn’t object to her modeling, being in beauty pageants, &c. at 9 y/o but I would never let it go as far her parents have. My rule would be to show her a tampon and say “when you’re old enough to wear one these, you’re old enough to wear nylons and high heels.” LOL

    • LOL, fair enough.

      I come at it from the other angle; even progs, depraved as they are, can tell when something that’s really bad, is really bad. Not always, though, and it all depends if there’s a ‘side’ to be on / against.

      Perhaps I’m too optimistic. I’m hoping progs are against real pedophilia, not just the fake stuff – but I could be wrong; there are after all organizations out there like NAMBLA, and they’re prog as prog can be, in a manner of speaking…

  3. Strange that they call men who like young women who have reached and passed the age of menarche yet are still under 18 years of age pedophiles. Yet surprise,surprise they are hypocrites.

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