Reach out and deport someone

Products of the modern education system…

bluebird of bitterness

If these students are representative of their generation (as I hope and pray they are not), this country really is doomed.

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6 thoughts on “Reach out and deport someone

  1. These idiots obviously have no grasp of civics, yet they are so stupidly arrogant, as if they think they are intelligently critical. At least one or two of them seemed willing to give up their places in the American Dream. But I suppose they only expect European Americans to be forced to make this sacrifice, or do they expect them to make it voluntarily out of a sense of white guilt? Moronic upstars.

    • Yep.

      And these have been promoted by the system, to the place of ostensibly ‘higher learning’ (i.e. higher indoctrination), where some of them will no doubt become future leaders, based on their capacity to buy into this kind of bullshit and influence others to do likewise…

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