Hey, remember when Jerry Falwell beheaded that cartoonist who insulted him?

bluebird of bitterness

Yeah, me neither.

Jonah Goldberg at National Review Online comments:

We’ve posted a lot of incredibly stupid sound bites from MSNBC and other places around here, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a dumber exchange. I don’t know who the guy is making the astoundingly obtuse comparison between Jerry Falwell and a bunch of cold-blooded murderers but, as incandescently stupid as that analogy is, it’s eclipsed by Wagner’s smug, knowing nods as he talks. If I follow her response correctly, she’s saying that we focus on anti-Muslim blasphemy disproportionately because it is so much more “controversial” and “incendiary.”

Well, uh, yes. I guess that’s true. But the reason mockery of Islam is more controversial is because people get killed over it! To compare Falwell’s lawsuit to these murderers isn’t just astoundingly, jaw-droppingly, stupid. Doing so misses just about every important moral, legal and factual distinction that one can…

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2 thoughts on “Hey, remember when Jerry Falwell beheaded that cartoonist who insulted him?

  1. What insightful idiots. Suing someone for $150,000 and not winning a penny in a court of law is exactly the same as gunning down 15 people. Of course, in the 80’s $10,000 per person, which wasn’t awarded, was worth much more than in 2015, when the people used as scapegoats were actually killed. The parallel is as clear as mud, really, to an inflexible idiot.

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