New York Magazine promoting ‘consensual incest’, apparently already legal in New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Quebec


Sure, they may appear to just be presenting an account of ‘consensual’ incest, but to publish a long interview with a pro-incest advocate as they’ve done, while maintaining an ostensibly neutral, non-judgmental tone, frankly ends up, in essence, giving a platform for advocacy of that view.

(And the progs ridiculed us when we said ‘gay marriage’ was a slippery slope…)

The interview mentions something I didn’t know: that ‘consensual incest’ for those over 18 is legal in New Jersey. Don’t know why, but apparently it is so, as well as in Rhode Island, according to the Wikipedia entry.

And apparently, up here, ‘consensual incest’ is legal in Quebec.

No doubt, eventually progs will start pushing for ‘consensual incest marriage’…

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