UK Christian School Shut Down for Having ‘Discriminatory Views’ Toward Other Faiths

UK Christian School Shut Down for Having ‘Discriminatory Views’ Toward Other Faiths.

DURHAM, UK – A Christian school in the UK is being shut down and another under scrutiny after investigators quizzed random students and found them to have “discriminatory views” toward others.

According to reports, last November, members of the Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED) visited Durham Free School for an inspection, and declared the educational institution to be substandard.

“Leaders are failing to prepare students for life in modern Britain,” said lead inspector Joan Hewitt. “Some students hold discriminatory views of other people who have different faiths, values or beliefs from themselves.”

One of the inspectors had reportedly asked one 12-year-old boy what a Muslim is, and the child responded by making references to terrorist activity. OFSTED saw this as being problematic.

As a result of the findings, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan announced that she was cutting funding to the school, which is now expected to shut down.

Grindon Hall Christian School had also been visited by OFSTED, and in addition to questioning children about their knowledge of other religions, investigators quizzed the youth about sexuality. Based on the children’s answers, the school was labeled as being intolerant and placed under further scrutiny.

“Several parents complained to me about what they saw as intrusive and deeply personal questioning of their children in the group sessions,” wrote Principal Chris Gray in a complaint to the organization. “It has been reported back to me that children aged 6- 9 were asked whether they knew anything about Diwali and whether they were familiar with the Torah.”

“In addition, I have also heard reports of primary school children being asked if they knew of any boys or girls who thought they were in the ‘wrong body,’” he continued. “Another parent has complained to me in writing that her ten year old daughter was asked if she knew what lesbians did. Pupils were embarrassed and surprised to be asked questions about sexuality.”

Gray said that he thought perhaps the school was being purposefully targeted because it is Christian.

“It is now well known that the manner in which inspectors questioned our pupils in November was hostile, inappropriate and raises serious safeguarding issues,” he stated. “OFSTED’s approach to us was negative at every stage, as if the data collected had to fit a predetermined outcome.”

Simon Calvert of the Christian Institute made similar statements in light of the report out of Durham Free School and Grindon Hall Christian School.

“The government’s British values regime is twisting OFSTED’s priorities out of all proportion,” he commented to reporters. “Inspectors are asking all kinds of invasive questions and then issuing reports that the parents whose children attend the school don’t recognize.”

Would OFSTED ask similar questions of attendees of Muslim schools?

We all know the answer to that!

This is anti-Christian bigotry, plain and simple.


7 thoughts on “UK Christian School Shut Down for Having ‘Discriminatory Views’ Toward Other Faiths

  1. Things like this are PRECISELY the reason for radical Christian separatist action.

    The fact is this. Across most of Western Europe, and increasingly North America as well, the faithful suffer more ridicule, personal attack, loss of livelihood and violence on a daily basis than do Christians in Communist China. And I am sick of hearing that it is just the government, just bad politicians, or atheist activist groups. No, this is the majorty of the population which looks upon such attacks with glee, cheering as did the Roman citizenry in the Colosseum. Sorry, that’s just a fact. Sorry if I offend a British Christian by saying the majority of his countrymen are vile, disgusting, sewage-dwelling trash.

    Western Christians can have NO reason to be beholden to their respective ‘countries’ (they can no longer be called nations after mass immigration) other than blind allegiance.

    For crying out loud, if the Muslims of Britain want to cause havoc on the secular population, we should not give a damn. The same as if they decided to bomb the Pyongyang palace in North Korea.

    There is no room for compromise, negotiation, or capitulation to this disease of Modernity. Reject it. Isolate yourself from it. Violently resist all violations of your sovereignty.

    What are actions such as these other than acts of war?

    • The difficulty is, we Christians don’t have a temporal nation of our own, just for us, an equivalent of the Jews’ Israel.

      Christ’s Kingdom ultimately is of course not of this world, as He said.

      So, what can we do, other than be salt and light, a witness in this dark world?

      We may not like what our nations are like, overall, today, but the inhabitants who aren’t aliens, are still our own people, however bad they may be. Augustine talked of two cities; Reformed like myself hold similarly to two kingdoms, one celestial and eternal, one earthly and temporal, and we are placed within nations here on Earth, to be witnesses for the Lord.

      • Yes, we are, and indeed there are two worlds. Christ’s Kingdom is not of this earth.

        However, I speak of a political imperative. We have seen the slaughter of our brethren in the Middle East. We have seen the slaughter that Modernists are capable of in the Holocaust, the French Revolution, the Communist Gulags. That isn’t mentioning the mass murder of infants at the hands of current regimes.

        As Joseph De Maistre predicted, the liberals have become the mass murderers we knew them to be. They denounce tyranny and yet they have become tyrants. I am losing any sympathy for them, it is fast vanishing with every act of evil they commit against Tradition.

        At this point, I cannot see any solution at the end of this age, other than separatism. Modernists living among the Christians has become intolerable, just as living among Muslims has become intolerable.

        Christians do not have a state, no. But we DID have states prior to the late 1700s. We did have places where Christian men could be free. It is MADNESS that such a large percentage of the world’s population has no home! If I could sum up my goal for Reaction in one sentence, it would be “to ensure the the creation of a Traditional Christian state for people of Occidental heritage.”

        Our exile since the dawn of Modernity, in our own lands no less, has led us to nothing but humiliation, subjugation, and death. This has been the case for peoples of all types throughout history. We can tolerate exile no longer. That is the purpose of this fight. If not for us, for our descendants.

      • A noble endeavour, IMO.

        Of course, we Christians are of all different ethnicities, languages, and of different Christian traditions; it would seem to me that one traditional Christian state could hardly be sufficient; hopefully we could have more…

  2. Yes, of course, but one step at a time. When the world crashes all around the ears of the established order, this faux usurping order, it will happen in one place at one time, and this will be the turning point. From there the inspiration of that victory will inspire our loyalists and dishearten the enemy, who will hopefully be forced to fight on multiple fronts (after all, Islam is eager to set up its own enclaves).

    The Golden Age will be marked by the breakdown of large cohesive states and their megalithic bureaucracies and the birth of a new era of smaller and more effectively administered micronations ceasing to operate on the globalist paradigm, city states, and I fear due to chaos, starvation, and plague, much wasteland.

    The aim is not merely to survive the end of this dark age, but to make the next one worth living in.

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