School chaplain fired for disagreeing with homosexuality


This is from ABC News Australia.

They write:

A Hobart school chaplain has been sacked for re-posting a comment on Facebook that described homosexuality as “not normal”.

Troy Williams was employed by the Scripture Union, Tasmania’s main provider of school chaplaincy services which appoints and trains state and private school chaplains.

Mr Williams was stood down from his role at the Hobart College over the post, which also makes the claim that “no-one is born gay”.

Mr Williams issued an apology after his Facebook post drew widespread condemnation earlier this month.

He told the ABC: “I’ve made a mistake and learnt from it. I’m deeply sorry for any offence I’ve caused. I was very careless in posting that image for discussion. I will work with my employers to ensure there is no repeat.”

Following a meeting with the Kingborough Council general manager this morning, Mr Williams was also stood…

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2 thoughts on “School chaplain fired for disagreeing with homosexuality

  1. The progs are clearly using the fag-rights issue as a litmus test for their unofficial purges.

    Think of it this way: they know that traditional Christians will oppose fag rights. What better way to purge them from positions of authority? It’s just a variation of what the Romans did by testing people by ordering them to deny Christ. They knew no Christian would deny Christ, so they were easy to expose.

    It’s too bad that most Christians don’t see this for what it really is.

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