Feminists and Muslims hate Valentine’s Day


FrontPageMag explained, here and here. (Re: feminists, see also this Wikipedia entry.)

Now, I am not convinced by the neocon take there on why Muslims hate it – I suspect Muslim opposition to it has far more to do with it being what they would perceive as Western cultural imperialism, spreading in their societies; thus, their opposition in that case is scarcely different from, say, Russians disliking Halloween.

But their take on feminists’ dislike of Valentine’s – desiring to replace regular observances of the day which usually celebrates heterosexual romantic expressions of love, with an activist day focused on violence against women instead, thus hijacking the occasion for their cause – is spot on, as can be seen from the Wiki, too.

Of course, it’s part of a larger trend.

Progressives hate all traditional Western holidays and traditions, and have declared war on them.

Progressives have declared War on Christmas (and Dutch…

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