Provinces considering allowing transgendered children to change their sex on their birth certificates

Because one is apparently not born whatever sex one’s equipment actually is at birth, but what sex one decides one is, later on…

Renn Forsberg’s family says that, in her heart and in her brain, their six-year-old is a girl. They want her birth certificate to reflect that.

Better yet, they argue, the sex box now marked with an ‘M’ should be removed from the document altogether.

The Saskatchewan family has filed one of several human rights complaints across the country that are prompting some provinces to rethink their rules about changing sex on birth certificates.

Who cares what what the kid thinks or feels; what equipment God gave you is what sex you are! A pox on bad parents enabling such confusion.


Queer activists literally throw shit at German parents protesting pro-homo school curriculum

Yuck; how vile! (Hat tip: Chris)

GERMANY, March 28, 2014 ( – As parents in Germany have protested a new pro-homosexual “sexual diversity” curriculum in their schools, homosexual activists have attacked them by hurling feces and destroying their property, according to the Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians, which documents anti-Christian incidents in Europe.

“Protesters were physically attacked and it was felt that the police failed to protect the parents’ basic right of assembly,” said a statement from the Observatory describing incidents at recent rallies in Baden-Württemberg and Cologne.