Federal Judge Upholds New Jersey’s Ban on Conversion Therapy for Gay Minors


A federal judge upheld a New Jersey law that prohibits conversion therapy for minors.

U.S. District Judge Freda Wolfson of the District of New Jersey rejected the second lawsuit against the law to be brought before the court.

Wolfson ruled last Wednesday in Doe v. Christie that the unnamed parents and their minor child who filed suit against the law did not have their rights violated by the therapy ban.

“Plaintiffs Jack and Jane Doe contend that their fundamental right to care for their son, John Doe, is infringed … because it prevents them from making decisions concerning their child’s mental, emotional and physical health,” wrote Wolfson.

“Plaintiffs provide no case law or other authority in support of the proposition that Jack and Jane Doe’s fundamental parental rights encompass the right to choose for their son any medical treatment they desire.”

State forbid that parents be allowed to decide what’s in the best interest for their own children!