Amaruk Wilderness: Questions raised about company at centre of anti-Christian attack

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An interesting follow-up to what I reported in this post:

As more women who received bizarre and inappropriate responses to their job applications to wilderness company Amaruk come forward, efforts to reach the company’s CEO have left CBC News questioning whether the business and its jobs even exist.

Amaruk Wilderness Corp. hit headlines this week after CBC News reported on a B.C. Human Rights Tribunal complaint, in which a Trinity Western University graduate — Bethany Paquette — claims her application to work for the company was rejected because she’s Christian.

Since Paquette’s complaint was reported, CBC News has heard from other applicants, including Lucie Clermont, who applied to Amaruk last year for a job listed as the executive assistant to the CEO, which promised a $120,000 salary and world travel.

Clermont’s application was met with a number of emails asking awkward questions — some of them sexual — followed by more that…

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Trinity Western grad ‘attacked’ for being Christian in job rejection


A Trinity Western University graduate says she was “attacked” over her religion by a Norwegian wilderness tourism company, just for applying for a job.

Bethany Paquette claims her application to work in Canada’s North for Amaruk Wilderness Corp. was rejected because she’s Christian.

“It did really hurt me and I did feel really attacked on the basis that I’m a Christian,” Paquette said.

In her complaint to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal, Paquette outlines a series of emails from executives from Amaruk Wilderness Corp.

Paquette, an experienced river rafting guide, applied to be a wilderness guide for Amaruk’s Canadian operations in the North.

She says she was shocked when she read the rejection email from Olaf Amundsen, the company’s hiring manager.

He wrote that she wasn’t qualified and “unlike Trinity Western University, we embrace diversity, and the right of people to sleep with or marry whoever they want.”

Trinity Western is the Christian university in Langley, B.C., where Paquette earned her biology degree.

All students must agree to a covenant prohibiting sexual intimacy outside heterosexual marriage, under pain of possible expulsion, which has led to controversy over the university’s new law school.


In the rejection email, Amundsen also wrote: “The Norse background of most of the guys at the management level means that we are not a Christian organization, and most of us actually  see Christianity as having destroyed our culture, tradition and way of life.”

Paquette wrote Amundsen back defending her faith, saying “your disagreement with Trinity Western University, simply because they do not support sex outside of marriage, can in fact be noted as discrimination of approximately 76 per cent of the world population!!! Wow, that’s a lot of diverse people that you don’t embrace.”

She also wrote that the Norse people chose Christianity.

“I signed it God Bless, probably partially because I knew it would irritate them,” Paquette said.

It clearly irritated Amundsen, who wrote back, describing himself as “a Viking with a PhD in Norse culture. So propaganda is lost on me.”

He explained why graduates from Trinity Western are not welcome in the Norwegian company.

“In asking students to refrain from same-sex relationships, Trinity Western University, and any person associated with it, has engaged in discrimination.”

He ended the email writing, “‘God bless’ is very offensive to me and yet another sign of your attempts to impose your religious views on me.

“I do not want to be blessed by some guy… who has been the very reason for the most horrendous abuses and human rights violations in the history of the human race.”

Amundsen then used an expletive to state that if he met God, he would have sex with him.

Stupid hipster neopagan asshole.

Does he think his pagan Norse ancestors would have been as ‘progressive’ as him as regards queers?

So, grads from T-W are not welcome, but she was not hired purely because she ‘wasn’t qualified’.

Yeah, right! {/sarcasm}

Bigoted leftist twit.

Virginia Christians Pledge 40-Day Fast Against Gay Marriage; LGBT Advocates Mock Them, Hope They All Die From Suicide

This is what they think of us.

Virginia’s Family Foundation has drawn the ire of LGBT activists after the organization recently declared a 40-day Christian fast to protect the state’s Marriage Amendment, which defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman, from federal interference.

In a post on Citizen Link last Monday, the Family foundation invited Christians to join them in “40 days of prayer, fasting and repentance for marriage from Aug. 27 through Oct. 5, 2014.”


Since declaring the fast, however, the organization revealed on their website that they have been getting some “bizarre phone calls and emails,” including one which hoped Christians would all starve to death when they embark on their 40-day “hunger strike.”

Kirsten Dunst pisses off progressives

I don’t normally take much interest in what celebs say and do, but when the odd occurrence of a celeb saying something non-progressive happens, I do think it’s worth noting, esp. when they get flak for it…

The actress Kirsten Dunst ruffled a few feminist feathers by making the following comment in a magazine interview:

“I feel like the feminine has been a little undervalued,” she says. “We all have to get our own jobs and make our own money, but staying at home, nurturing, being the mother, cooking – it’s a valuable thing my mum created. And sometimes, you need your knight in shining armour. I’m sorry. You need a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman. That’s why relationships work…”

[…] Kirsten Dunst clearly values what her mother did for her as a mother and doesn’t want it to be lost in the pursuit of female autonomy. She thinks too that heterosexual relationships are based on a distinction between the masculine and the feminine and that therefore it is better for men to retain something of the masculine role within relationships.