Ten Commandments Display in Texas May Violate ‘Highway Beautification Code’

Culture war, or is it just a cash grab?

A display of the Ten Commandments on private property may be in violation of the Highway Beautification Transportation Code of the Lone Star State.

In Sabine County, Texas, a pastor who placed a Ten Commandments sign on her property near a highway might have to remove the display or pay for a permit to maintain its present location.

Jeanette Golden, pastor at Word of Truth Family Church in Hemphill, was told by the Texas Department of Transportation that she would have to pay for a permit for the sign.

Last August, Golden placed the Ten Commandments sign on the edge of her 28-acre property, near Highway 21, according KTRE ABC 9.

“About three months later, she got a certified letter from TxDOT informing her to take the sign down,” reported ABC. “[Last week] the state said a permit was necessary. Total cost is $250, plus an annual fee of $150.”

So the same sign would not be deemed in violation of the ‘Beautification Code’ if she pays them an extortion fee?