8 thoughts on “Comic: Overeducated

  1. Will:
    I grew up in Missouri, and it’s radically different than 30 years ago. It’s become like the American Bangladesh, a prime example of what a handful of militant Progs can do to a state. St.Louis used to be an awesome city—now there are three fags on the City Council and regular race riots and fags invading public schools. The city is teetering on the edge of insolvency constantly. Kansas City was a rugged, frontier-type town, now it’s filled with bums and welfare slugs. Springfield was a church-going traditionalist place, now it’s the meth capital of the Midwest. And Columbia, where UM is, used to brag that the most beautiful girls in America were there—now it’s a hotbed of femihags and the epicenter of the Maoist Long March across American universities.

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