Planned Parenthood: Making Nazi Death Camps Look Like Friendly Nurseries

Zwinglius Redivivus

This is absolutely VILE.  These criminals, these peddlers of human flesh, need to be in prison.

A video released Tuesday by the Center for Medical Progress shows a top Planned Parenthood director explaining in graphic detail how the abortion giant harvests and sells baby body parts and organs nationwide—a practice that is a felony under federal law.

The Center for Medical Progress released the video as the next in its “Human Capital” investigative series, as it researches the organization’s illegal sales of fetal body parts in America.

“Planned Parenthood’s criminal conspiracy to make money off of aborted baby parts reaches to the very highest levels of their organization,” director David Daleiden remarked in a statement. “Elected officials must listen to the public outcry for Planned Parenthood to be held accountable to the law and for our tax dollars to stop underwriting this barbaric abortion business.”

The video features abortionist Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood…

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8 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood: Making Nazi Death Camps Look Like Friendly Nurseries

  1. I’ve known about this for a long time. Not only do abortion mills harvest body parts, they sell the fetuses to China where they’re processed and turned into soap and cosmetics. The BBC exposed this happening in Britain a few years ago and there were some embargos placed on Chinese soap as a result, but nothing else.

    Think of how many American, British, and Canadian soldiers died trying to stop atrocities like this just two generations ago!

  2. Thanks for this. Every little bit helps, God will expand it if appropriate.

    Pulling back the curtain of the gynarchy reveals endless creepycrawlers, nasties, lice, ticks, and other varied Fabulous Predators.

    I did some stuff about a decade ago on Oprah and Friends hawking the cells from the circumcisions of infant boys as — dig this — a skin Beauty Treatment. Because what other use should male agony have than to further inflate the deluded, filthy, bloated egos of the nations enemies, uh I mean our television celebrities? And to fill the purses of uber-empowered monsters?

    We can worship Mammon or God, not both, despite what modern ‘christians’ claim and practice.


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